Pictures of Me over the years
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I had to start somewhere.
Wouldn't ya know it? I started up a tree!

My earliest known photo

Grade School Picture

Easter 1951

Grade school buddies

High School Picture

Me and my dad

GMI [college] jacket

Scottie and proud papa

Motorcycle sabbatical

Cayman scuba diving

First grandson - Ryan

enonymous.com Christmas Party

MI Technologies Library

Tim Tam and I at his home

Tim Tam and I at Hoover Dam

Why won't the self-timer work?

That's better!

17 Months living in Little Torch Key and my
only picture was at Sherri's graduation

This brought me to Flagstaff - My grandkids

Yellowstone Trip

Max and I - Oct 2009

Narragansett couch - Nov 2010

Crab on my keyboard

Put on a few pounds, eh?

Coral Castle - Oct 2011

Harry Harris Park - Jun 2012

S-Pro Tablet - Jun 2013

Easter Island - Jan 2014

Cute little feller, huh?

Not a happy camper!

My dog 'Sooner', sooner pee then play

High school duds

Step-mom and I

My first convertible

First Marriage, 2nd Apartment

First wife, first kid

Cayman Island winter vacation

London - 1992

enonymous.com Christmas Party

MI Technologies Parking Lot

Tim Tam and I at His Home

Big hands, tiny remote

Will I be in this?

Infernal brake dust

Harrah's Laughlin, NV

Franconia Notch - too pooped to participate

Winter 2009

Family Reunion - June 2009

New G12 - Oct 2010

Narragansett couch - Nov 2010

Adam's Cut - Tim and I boating

Key West - Dec 2011

Digital Oscilloscope - Oct 2012

Easter Island Airport - Jan 2014

Easter Island - Jan 2014

  I missed a few years in between, eh?
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