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What's New as of September, 2015
  1. I now live in 'The Villages of Eldorado', North Las Vegas, NV on the north side of town.
  2. Panasonic FZ1000 Bridge Camera   Top View   Rear View
  3. Pictures from trip to Sherri's for hip surgery online. Chicago  Trip Home
  4. I moved here to attend the January 2015 Family Reunion: Pictures
  5. Las Vegas Pictures
  6. New Animations Scroll down to the 2 Bellagio Fountain animations
  7. Nevada Parks
  8. Early in 2014 I took a 'trip of a Lifetime' island hopping the South Pacific: South Pacific Pictures   Highlights Only 
  9. In 2014 I started shooting video so I've been uploading the better clips to YouTube. My YouTube Page,
  10. After hearing so much about zoom-range, I did my bit (again) - 900:1 zoom (required switching lenses however). Super Zoom

My main PC now has 2 screens. The older monitor is set to display 2560 by 1440 pixels. The new '4K' screen is set to display 3840 by 2160 pixels [UHD]. Most devices now have HD screens, 1920 by 1080.
My 'Image-Grid' pages automatically compute the optimum number images across the user's browser even with a 640 by 480 monitor, you would not [usually] get horizontal scroll bars. Those pages also resize the images to better the fit the actual browser width, which may not be opened up to full screen [maximized].