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11 Unexplained Discoveries
Antikythera Mechanism. An ancient, intricate machine found in a shipwreck near Greece that dates back to about 100 BC containing gears and structures that can’t be found for another 1000 years. It was supposedly made to figure out astronomical positions.

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The Baghdad Batteries. What were initially thought to have been normal vases were thought to be something else when it was discovered that they contained a copper rod that shows evidence of acid corrosion. This means that they could have been used to generate electricity. If this is true, they pre-date normal batteries by hundreds of years.

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Stone age tunnels. Dating back to the stone age, no one knows really how these tunnels were made (since they’re so extensive) or what they were for.

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Stone Balls of Costa Rica. There are hundreds of stone balls ranging in size from 3cm to 3 metres. No one knows how they were made to be so perfectly spherical (especially considering their weight) and their purpose is still unclear.

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The Voynich Manuscript. An illustrated and hand-written book in an unknown dialect. To this day no-one knows what it says. Last year, two people claimed that they had deciphered it, however, whilst one said it was an extinct Mexican language, another said it was Asian. So..?

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Yonaguni Monument. It is unclear whether the Yonaguni Monument is man made or a naturally occurring formation. With it’s distinct flat surfaces and 90 degree angles, it’s easy to think it was designed by man… perhaps chiselled by sea lions?

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The Gate of the Sun. Like Stonehenge, no-one knows exactly what this was for or how it was made. Unlike Stonehenge, it’s 13,000 feet above sea level in Bolivia. The engravings on the gate are said to hold an astrological and astronomical importance.

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The Longyou Grottoes. Dating back to the Qin Dynasty (212 BCE) in China, these handmade caves exist yet there are no records of them. There is no explanation for them.

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The Mount Owen Moa. This 3000 year old talon belonged to a Upland Moa (a flightless bird that went extinct 500 years ago). Since it’s so well preserved, it certainly caused a stir.

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An unfinished Obelisk. This was carved directly from the bedrock but was abandoned after cracks started emerging in the marble. It offers insight into Ancient-Egyptian construction methods.

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Saksaywaman. These stacked stone walls can be found outside of Peru. There is no Mortar and nothing can fit in the gaps between the stones. It’s a mystery how well made they are.

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