Dare to Soar 


With majesty of spirit, freedom of soul,

A life of excellence, we long to know…

Forever in union – in tune with the sky

Harmony in challenge, The Eagle will fly.


Without reservation, living his song

The one our hearts seek day & night long

In the face of the fall, he flies for he can

Guiding the heart and hopes of man.


Our highest aspirations, vision and dreams

Upheld for now in sun & moonbeams.

He leads the way, in that we know

Freedom exists within the soul.


Integrity, honor, passion ~ Love ~

On the path of the Eagle, lies beauty above.

Apologizing not, nor fearing as we

Embracing life ~ his song ~ his claim to be.


Forever whole, One with the wind,

Lilting the mantra that frees us within –

“Let your Heart guide you to unlock the door,

Head your Spirit  ~  Dare to Soar  ~ ”



Text Box: Denial

Craving love

Holding fear.

Prey to prisms

In a tear.


Clouds break

Lights arc.

Vanquished thirst

Of my heart.


Behold the Bow -

Glistens me.

Perfect visions,

Hearten be.


Lights dance

Glowing skin.

Drawing love

Deep within.


Bemused fast

Deeply fell…

Portent lies

All is well.



Bar moment’s

Of thy storm.

Flowing dreams

Fin’lly warm.


Deft thunder

Pennants go.

Further drawn

Unto the glow.


Brief respite

Suns hide.

Prisms fade

From mine eye.


Water drops

Lines bend.

Fractured hopes

Rush to mend.


Aware sudden

Daylight dreamed.

Loved quite not

As it seemed.

Torrid storm,

Mind denied.

Lonely hearts

Drunken lye.


Waking sleep

Rains confusion.

Never thine

‘cept delusion.


Precious beauty

Swiftly gone.

Tears stream

Drowning dawn.


Cruel dark

Must know

Long past hour

Let him go.


Floods Despair

Desperate pray –

“Please God, wake me

Now, this Day…”