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The idea for this web page and Zoom experiments all started with a new Tamron Lens: 15X zoom range (18-270mm). I've known of this lens for about a year now. Steet price around $600. Would be a great lens to have for situations where I only carry one or two lenses.

But when I read the reviews, it can't stand up to the quality of my assortment of Canon lenses (See my lenses) so I decided not to buy the Tamron f/3.5-6.3 Dill VC lens. OK, that was months ago.

Here are parts of a Tamron ad for there amazing lens (click image for larger image)--

Yesterday (3/27/2010) I wondered what a 15-to-1 zoom would look like. Wait. I can go 40-to-1 if I change lenses. What would 40-to-1 look like? I decided this would take several passes so my first cut was in the living room here. I started zoomed in all the way because that is the best way to get an object to follow through various focal lengths. I chose the temperature dial on the fireplace smoke stack pipe.

I put the tripod in the dining room, about 20 feet away. I shot at 400mm, 300mm, 200mm and 100mm. Then I changed lenses and shot again at 100mm, then 80mm, 50mm and 28mm. I changed lenses again and made two more shots: 28mm and 17mm. And one more lens change and two more shots: 22mm and 10mm.

For the web I didn't use 3 of the 12 photos. First 40-to-1 zoom pictures

What I learned from this was two things. The first image wasn't sharply focused on the dial markings and the last zoom jump, 10mm and 17mm, was too much.

The next day, today, I planned to do this outdoors in two locations. The pump house and greenway near the entrance to Kachina Village and somewhere near Lake Mary. I also decided to try an animated GIF to step thru the zoom-images in-place.

In the end I didn't do a 40-to-1 zoom at Lake Mary but I did a lot of Depth-of-Field work. I did make an animated GIF only to discover the GIF file format has very limited colors, like 244, not the thousands of a JPG file.

I experimented and chose web-dithered colors.

I also put the most zoomed-in and the most zoomed-out together in one image.

And there is a web page of the 10 pump-house images too. 2nd 40-to-1 zoom pictures

10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 47mm, 70mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. Note my Canon 40D camera has a 1.6x crop factor so multiple each focal length by 1.6 to get the actual focal length.