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  'Figment' Focus and ISO Experiments
  Auto Everything
  My new* Canon EOS 7D Digital-SLR camera
has 4 focus modes: Phase Detection or 'Quick',
Contrast Detection or 'Live', Face Detection,
and Manual Focus. On the LCD screen you can
blow up the image 5X or 10X to visually set
real sharp focus.

I experimented with all 4 modes and these
images are the result.

* Got it Mid-July 2011.

ISO number, or 'Film Speed' is a measure
of sensitivity to light. The higher the
ISO number, the more sensitive it is to
light. The 7D can go as high as ISO 12,800
But there is a price to pay - loss of image
quality, graininess, specs from 'hot' pixels.
Various cameras do better or worse a high ISO
numbers. The 7D is highly rated in this area
but I wanted to see for myself.


Quick/Live Focus

Face Focus

Manual Focus
Flash Off
High ISO
Background Noise
Quick/Live Focus

Face Focus

Manual Focus
Flash On
Very Clean
Fuzzy Focus
    Walt Disney World - Orlando - Epcot
has an attraction called "Imagination"
This stuffed animal is a 'Figment' of Your