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Fifty Dollar Bill
We all know the 'New' fify dollar bill has a security thread running thru it. What is on that thread? How can we read it?
There it is plain as day. Just had to back-light the bill.
Over in the lower right corner is a specail "50" - embossed with gold flecks ink to make it hard to counterfiet.
See? Gold flecks.
Wait - let me really zoom in. (How close can your camera zoom in?)
The security strip is behind the red-line design.
Oops, can only see "USA". Let me zoom out.
Wow. "USA 50" plus a tiny flag with '50' where the stars should be. Clever.
Let me rotate it 90 degrees. There, that's better.
Zoomed in. Kind of fuzzy. It is buried between layers of paper.
Same shot but the back-light is turned off.