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Ryan's Baseball Game

Note: Click image for larger picture.
Ryan checks the sign Waits
Starts his wind-up Ryan concentrates
Note his form Back
Rayn starts to coil like a spring What form!
Side note: In the 3rd inning Ryan only
needed 15 pitches to retire the other side.
This sequence took about 2 seconds
What an arm Love this camera
Nice follow-through Ryan He waits to see what the batter will do.
And waits The batter gets a piece of it.
The ball is coming right at him The ball is just too far and too fast for
Ryan to make the play
Ryan at bat Note the blur of the ball at helmet level.
It was a called strike. Many complained
that the umpire had too-high a strike
zone. Now we have proof. He did call
high strikes equally for both teams though.
Ryan's pitch closer up. And there he goes.
It only took Ryan 17 pitches in the
2nd inning to retire the side.
I like his style
The frame rate of my camera is
6 1/2 pictures per second.
That's 154 milliseconds between shots here.
Not a typical day hitting for Ryan. He has great reach but didn't
get on base that day.