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Trip to Florida from Idaho to get my "Stuff" out of storage.

Necco Candy 150th Anniversary

Do you remember Necco candy? I was surprised to see this roll of Necco candy at a C-store. Then I noticed the wrapper. Imagine a candy product lasting 150 years. Why, that's before the California Gold rush of 1849. (This trip taken in the fall of 1997)

Now on to my Florida trip. I left on Saturday, October 25, the day after the record snowfall in Denver - 47". I-80 was closed due to snow until I got there which slowed my travel time. I arrived in Tampa 4 days later and had dinner with my nephew Richard. On Wednesday I visited old friends then went into my former place of employment to see friends there. Boy, I sure don't miss working. I had dinner with Richard and another friend then drove across to the east side of the state.

I stayed with Deirdre and Dave, my daughter and son-in-law. Their little girl is 25 months old. I took a roll of pictures and will have them on the DDRudy web page real soon now. Thursday morning I moved my stuff from the public storage bin to the rented U-Haul trailer. Because I thought I was pressed for time, I visited everybody in one day, Friday, October 31.

On Saturday on my way out of Florida, I stopped at the Color Garden Nursery to see an old friend. He lives in a beautiful setting on 5 acres, 2 of which have gorgeous flowers, etc. for sale.

Color Garden Nursery.

Flowers at Color Garden.
I know all these flowers by name. That's Ted at the top, then Mary, Fred, and Alice.

More flowers at Golor Garden.

I decided to see friends and relatives on my way back to Idaho so I stopped in North Carolina to see Tracy and John. Tracy and my oldest daughter went to high school together. They have a 3-month old baby so I did a web page for them that night. I brought my HP all-in-one with me and used it to scan in the baby pictures but their web site no longer exists. On my way to Michigan I stopped in West Virginia to take pictures of the trees in color.

After spending the night with my sister in Michigan I headed for Wisconsin to see another nephew and his family. I chose I-90 for my return trip to Idaho which comes within 22 miles of Mount Rushmore. You may recall that I skipped it earlier this summer in order to see the Gold mines at Lead, SD. So this was my chance to take pictures of it.

And finally, the mess in my family room as I unpack, sort, and put the stuff away that I had in storage. I had driven 6,650 miles in 13 days and was very glad to get home.