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Pole 94 I now have a Back Country Permit for Key Largo wilderness areas. It identifies the entrances off of Monroe County Road 905 by utility pole numbers. Today, October 17, 2010, I parked at Pole 94 camera in hand and off I went for a hike in the woods.
Back Country Sign

At the entrance I reset my pedometer. A gadget for counting peds, ya know? Steps. I walked 4,171 steps today, almost 2 miles.

[Note: Click any image to see a blow up.]

Dense Thicket As you can see, it is just dense foliage, trees and many, many leaves. Nothing to photograph. Then I met Kelly and she said "How about ??? spiders?" Already forgot their name. And she took me to one. Cool. 
Spider 1 Spider 2
Spider 3 Spider 4
After quite some time talking to Kelly, her friend Nick came by. He and I talked for some time too. Great. I need more people in my life and I enjoyed these conversations imensley. After Kelly and Nick split, I kept going further down the road. That's when Eric and his friend came by. Now these people all had bikes except me so they could cover more ground in less time then I could on foot. I need to buy a bike. More on that another time.
Eric works at a marina and knows about boat finishes. He said all I need to properly seal my new wooden electric boat is epoxy. Yup, like the glue only marine epoxy is thin enough to paint on. You mix the two ingredients and paint it on. He said I can buy it at West Marine but it is expensive. His female friend had a Nikon DSLR camera so I asked her what she was photographing - "Tree snails" she said. I had already spotted one so I knew what she was talking about.
Tree Snail 1 Tree Snail 2
Tree Snail 3 Tree Snail 4
So there you have it. A great day for a walk in the wilderness. Some good pictures and some vital information for me. I was hungry by the time I got back to the Jeep so I headed down US 1 to look for a new place to eat - Tower Of Pizza won out. Hmm, hmm, good.