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Birds - Group Two

One day earlier this week it was quite windy. Hmmm, I thought, a good day to go to the ocean and photograph waves. It was.

But I noticed a lot of birds flying around. My favorite thing to photograph is birds in flight. Back in 1993 I bought a good Nikon N90 camera and some even better lens just to do that. I found out that birds are a lot smaller and lens don't do what the human eye can do.

Well, with my new Canon G2 digital camera I started taking pictures of the birds as they flew by but this time they flew low so I snapped away only to discover that the autofocus took too long and I'd miss the shot. The answer seemed simple enough, use manual focus.

The other option is to put the G2 in scenery mode. But the scenery mode is only wide-angle. That means small birds. I got so many shots that day and many were quite close. I couldn't wait to get home to see my handy work. Here is one of the better pictures.

That's terrible. There were all appallingly out of focus. But instead of being discouraged, as I would have in my younger days, I realized that I had a great opportunity to try again and it would be fun. Great attitude, right? So the next day I did. I also got a good lesson in the value of patience.

It seems birds fly in spurts and don't always fly where I can get a good picture. But if you wait long enough and stay ready, they will come by, as the next picture illustrates. There are at least 4 reasons why the next picture isn't sharp:

  1. The subject moved. [Of course, it's a bird in flight.]
  2. Camera not held steady. [Of course, I had to pan to catch the bird as it flew by.]
  3. The telephoto zoom setting magnifies movement resulting in blurry pictures.
  4. Resizing images loses picture quality.

(Click image for enlargement)

1024 sized image

I am so pleased. It's a 9-year quest completed!
And I have a bunch more that I'll be posting real soon now using my new slide show technique.