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Birds in Flight - 320

Digital Zoom: If you take high resolution digital pictures and then crop them, it has same effect as using digital zoom on a digital camera. Most of the pictures below were taken at a resolution of 1600 by 1200 pixels and 3x optical (or 'real') zoom. The birds were tiny. But I cropped them to 320 by 240 pixels (and retouched some of them) using Microsoft Photo Editor that comes with Microsoft Office [but doesn't install unless you specifically request it]. This makes it appear as if I used a telephoto lens.

Actually, some of the pictures were large enough that I could only crop down to 440 or 512 and in one case 720 pixels. I always crop in a 4:3 ratio for rezizing up or down to match PC monitor resolutions: 640 by 480, 800 by 600, 1024 by 768, etc.

Some images are sharper then others. As I got smarter, I used faster and faster shutter speeds freezing the motion and making crisper pictures. I started at 1/250 and finally used 1/640. The pictures below are not in the order I took them.

The last picture, at the bottom right, was taken the day before when I used manual focus. Wrong!

The first 3 photos are pigeons, the rest are seagulls. Notice that the bird in at the top left is carrying something in its beak.