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Lower Lighthouse - Point Loma

(Click each image for an enlargement) Cabrillo slide show I had some fun taking pictures of the Lower Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument. I setup my tripod. Put on my new telephoto converter and shot away. Later, back at home, I 'dressed' up these photos with several imaging procession tools on my PC.

I changed the color balance and rotated crooked images. I also stitched together quite a number of panorama shots, one shown here.

For photos 1, 2 and 4, below, I was high above the lower lighthouse. In fact, I was quite a distance away and facing the sun. Tricky business photographing into the sun but my G2 lets me pick from three different metering modes so that I can get the exposure right even in these tricky circumstances.

The panoramic shot shows the wonders of the pacific coast in and around San Diego.