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Monumant Valley, Utah

Monument Valley Tribal Park Sign

Utah has some of the most scenic mountains and valleys I've ever seen and I've been to all 50 states and all but 2 of Canada provinces [I haven't been to the Northwest Territories nor Labrador, yet!] In Utah there is Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, The Arches NP, and most of Monument Valley. Lake Powell in Glen Canyon is mostly in Utah. The following pictures (and those at link #25) give you an idea of the color and layout but not the grandure. You have to be there. I can only strongly recommend that you see southern Utah if you get anywhere near there. Las Vegas is only about 100 miles from Zion NP, for example. Bryce is not too far from Zion NP, etc.

Monument Valley is in the Navajo Nation which spans northern Arizona and southern Utah. These pictures are not all from Monument Valley. Some were either taken in the Valley on highway US 163 or further north on highway US 191. Enjoy!

Map Location 24 Photos

Entrance Sign Mitchell Butte.
Monument Valley Tribal Park Sign

Monuments of stone.

Eagle Mesa.

On the road again.
They look big from a distance. They are even bigger close up.

Sentinel Mesa.

The Mittens and Merrick Butte.
The picture on the left is my favorite of the whole trip.
It looks best in the photograph.

The Left Mitten
Different zoom sizes of the same monument.

The town of `Mexican Hat' is nearby the top left photo Big and beautiful.

Wilson Arch.

Trip log entry for Monument Valley

Travel map - #24