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Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming

Map Location 20 Photos

The Teton National Park is one travel destination that is a "must do". I never have missed it whenever I'm near by. I've skipped Yellowstone before but never the Tetons. This trip was no exception. In fact, I would have spent more time there but now that I live in Idaho, I can go back any time I want. It's only a 2 hour drive.

Lupin Trail to Surprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake
A 10-mile round trip hike up the front of the Tetons to elevations just below 10,000 feet.

Surprise Lake. Elevation - 9,540 feet.

Amphitheater Lake. Elevation - 9,698 feet.

While I was hiking up the trail, a woman hiker fell into a crevice. One of her companions ran down the mountain and back again to get help. Fortunately, another woman across Amphitheater Lake from the accident had a cellular phone and called for help. A helicopter came and went 3 times: 1st to drop off the rescue crew, 2nd to drop a gurney where a flare was set off by one of the rescue team, and finally, to lift the woman high above the trees and peaks dangling 200' below the chopper and several thousand feet above the valley below. I don't know her situation after that.

It seems that she did not have climbing equipment with her. No spiked shoes, no ice pick to arrest herself if she slide on ice or snow, etc. Look at how steep the chute is where she slid. The comments from those around me is that she should have known better. I stayed on trails because I wasn't prepared for that kind of adventure. As you can see from the photos, I did alright without venturing into "back counrty".

I used my 400mm setup on the Nikon but was far too far away to get good pictures. Next I tried my Sony with the 30x zoom. The pictures are a little fuzzy because the HandyCam was hand-held. I tried to label the photos so you can identify things. In the "30x Rescue" link, below, look for tiny people where the snow slide narrows. This is the same slide as on the left picture, below, in the "Rescue Operations" link.

Chopper to the rescue
The chopper can't land near the steep slopes where the woman is trapped.
The rescue team must hike to the scene.

Rescure Operations
The left picture gives you an idea how far away I was. The snow chute
(center left photo) is where she had her accident.

Chopper lowers gurney
This is not where the woman fell.
Chopper moves into position. Gurney lowered into crevice.

30x close-ups of rescue - Tiny people.
A man in yellow by the edge. A man 10' from the edge. 3 people near crevice.

Panorama of valley below Jackson Hole - 4 shots stitched together. Taggart Lake.

Cloudy day in the Tetons. Tetons. Cabin on Jenny Lake.

Trip log entry for the Grand Teton National Park

Travel map - #20

National Park Service - Grand Teton NP