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Newfoundland One Pictures

Newfoundland is another destination I've longed to see but somehow skipped when I was traveling nearby, but not this time. At first I was only going to stay 2 days but Newfoundland is too big and too beautiful, so I alloted 6 days to see it. It was bigger than I thought. It took a lot of driving [2,052 total miles back and forth] to cover the major features of "The Rock", as locals affectionately refer to it, in 6 days.

The photo journey is divided into 2 parts based on when I got the pictures developed. These were developed before I arrived in Bangor, Maine.

Map Location 11 Photos
Gros Morne National Park
A day-hike to the summit via the loop trail.

The Arches Provincial Park
A scenic little park on the Atlantic Ocean.

Iris along path to Fjord
I was pleased with my Nikon here.

Fjord boat trip [cancelled]
There is a 2 km (20 minute) hike to the boat docks. 3 pictures illustrate the trek.

North of Map Location 11 Photos
Viking landing site at L'anse Aux Meadows, Nfld
Archaeological proof of the early European discovery of North America over a 1,000 years ago.

Icebergs in the Atlantic
I was pleasantly surprised to see these. They don't make it to Florida.

Between Map Locations 11 & 12 Photos
Bonavista Lighthouse - John Cabot's landing 500 years ago
Note the red and white lighthouse stripes. They are vertical in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Two Pictures

The second part of my Newfoundland photo journey. These were developed after I arrived in Bangor, Maine. (developed in Ottawa and scanned in in Idaho Falls)

Between Map Locations 11 and 12 Photos

Train Park In Lewisport
near the ferry terminal to Labrador.
Gambo, Newfoundland
Nice Newfoundland town viewed from hillside above it. Panoramic pictures taken at Joey's Lookout.
Flowers typical of Newfoundland

Map Location 12 Photos
John Cabot Memorial.

Cabot Tower
(Where Marconi sent the first trans-Atlantic radio message
in 1901 using mostly Nikola Tesla designs. Marconi's radio
patent(s) were overturned in the US in 1943.)
St. John's, Newfoundland
A beautiful city on the Atlantic
with a long and colorful history.

Cape Spear Park
The eastern most point in North America.
Iceberg in the Atlantic
I chose my most telephoto shot here so you could see
the 'berg close-up rather than see a tiny iceberg far out.

Trip log entry for Newfoundland - One
Trip log entry for Newfoundland - Two

Travel map = #11 & #12