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James Bay Map

James Bay: Moosonee, Ontario

To fulfill my desire to see the great Hudson Bay in far northern Canada, I inquired at various tourist bureaus in Ontario, Quebec, and finally Monitoba. (For those of you who don't know it, Monitoba is considered to have an ocean port, on the Atlantic no less - via Hudson Bay. Who would have thought?)

In Ontario, I was able to reach the southern tip of James Bay which is the southern part of Hudson Bay. Not good enough to satisfiey my desire but well worth seeing. I took the Polar Bear Express train to Moosonee. From Moosonee I took a water taxi to Moose Factory. I still wasn't satisfied so later in my travels, I continued to inquire as to how to get to Hudson Bay.

Map Location 15 Photos

Polar Bear Express Train Photos

Travel Brochure. Diesel Engine from the train window.
Abitibi River. Moose River crossing, tent barely visible.

A camp on the river bank.
Taken from the moving train out the window. Blow up of the tent in
the camp on the river bank (Scanner S/W capabilities)

Moosonee, Ontario and Moose Factory, Ontario [town on an island] Photos

Moosonee, Ontario - Train station and Welcome sign. Moose River and tour boat.

Moose Factory, Ontario.
Water taxi ride, Town sign and map, Church

Text of Hudson Bay Sign.
(In case you can't read the sign on your monitor.)
Sign text

Trip log entry for James Bay

Travel map - #15   James Bay Map