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Map Location 22 Photos

Within location 22, I've added two more maps: My corner of Idaho and my corner of Idaho Falls. The state map has picture 3 locations marked on it: (1) Hell's Half Acre, (2) Scenic Sand Dunes, and (3) Mesa Falls. The city map also has 3 picture locations marked on it: (1) The falls in Idaho Falls, (2) Taylor's Toll Bridge, and (3) where I lived in Idaho Falls.

The south eastern corner.
Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Map Location 1 Photos

4 views of "The Falls" on the Snake River for which Idaho Falls was named.
Note the 2 birds on the edge of the falls in the third photo.

Idaho Falls Map Location 2 Photos

Taylor's [Historic] Toll Bridge [Replica].

Idaho Falls Map Location 3 Photos

Where I lived. My living room. My PC room. What a mess!

I used a Mono PC in those days.
LCD screen and laptop-like components but larger and cheaper.

My new (used) Red Jeep.

Idaho Map Location 1 Photos

About 10 miles south of Idaho Falls on Interstate 15 is a geological site. It is part of the rest area and is called "Hell's Half Acre". For miles around, lava covers the land.

Rest Area Sign and Flyer.

Sign and view of trail.

4 views of lava along the trail.
Idaho Map Location 2 Photos

As I was driving up US20, I noticed a sign for "Scenic Sand Dunes". I investigated.

Sand Dunes.
Idaho Map Location 3 Photos

Continuing north on US 20 I saw signs for "Mesa Falls".

Signs along the road.

Upper Mesa Falls.

Lower Mesa Falls.
From Idaho Falls I could easily get to Wyoming.

Me and my Chevy S10 Pickup.

Trip log entry for Idaho Falls, ID