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Hudson Bay Map

Hudson Bay: Churchill, Manitoba

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After having gone through most of north-eastern Canada as far as Newfoundland, I was back in the United States again, still desiring to see Hudson Bay if I could. While staying with friends in Vermont, I picked up their Rand-McNally book of maps. I was traveling with a smaller version. I immediately noticed that Hudson Bay touched on Manitoba. Wow! They speak English in Manitoba and there were towns along the Bay.

When my curious journey through Ontario, Minnesota, and Wisconson - just to get to Michigan's upper penninsula - was over, I found myself traveling west toward Manitoba. This was my chance to finally get to the great Hudson Bay. This was the big one. Spare no expense (literally), just get there. And, I did. The 2 1/2 days cost me about a month's travel budget but it took the difficulty out of reaching a rather remote spot: Above the 59th parallel right on Hudson Bay. I flew from Winnepeg, Manitoba to Churchill, Manitoba right on Hudson Bay and the Churchill River. I stayed at the Bear Country Inn.

Tundra Buggy and Hudson Bay.
Tundra Buggy at the launch point. A view of the Tundra, Musgeg, inland waters and Hudson Bay.

A bird family swimming near Hudson Bay.
Ptarmigans: Note the natural camouflage in the right picture.

Cape Merry National Park - 3 views.
Cape Merry is at the tip of land where the Churchill River meets Hudson Bay. It's a small rock hill
with trapped water, flowers, and a gorgeous view.

Cape Merry National Park - Flowers.

Tops ???
Channel Markers that look like giant tops when out of the water.

In 1713 a treaty gave the Hudson Bay Company control. In 1717 a trading post was built. To protect it, a fort was started in 1730 but not completed until 1771. And you thought your project was late. Vapor-ware vs. vapor-fort? Sure boss, you'll have your fort"real soon now"!

Prince of Wales' Fort.

This is the best of many attempts to get a good picture or video of Buluga whales. They were plentiful but only surface to breathe. They don't rise very far out of the water.

Buluga whales in the Churchill River.

Trip log entry for Hudson Bay

Travel map - #17   Hudson Bay Map