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Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan Pictures

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Here's yet another popular destination I somehow missed before: Copper Country in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 100 years ago 60,000+ people lived in the same town that today has a population of about 3,500. Now we get our copper out west in huge open-pit mines in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

Mining tours.

Why didn't I take (more) pictures? I donno!

I did ride on the newest Cog Train - less than 12 months old, as part of a mine tour. The Cog Train in New Hampshire was 127 years old (plus the Polar Bear Express I rode to James Bay, that makes 3 train rides in all).

Record Snowfall: The Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula gets the most snowfall of any place east of the Rockies.

Giant thermometer, sign and 3 ducks in Lake Superior.

Trip log entry for the Keweenaw Peninsula

Funky Bridge and Great Lakes Freighters just south of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The highway department graciously thanks the railroad line for the use of their bridge for Highway 61. I think the highway department could spend a little money and build a real bridge not one with a Choo Choo Train dividing the road.