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Grand Falls in the Navajo Nation

Note: Click image for larger picture.

Less than an hour's drive from here.
This river and falls are dry most of the year except during the snow-melt

Hard to get the massive size from there snapshots. Note the people walking at the bottom.

Beautiful (and loud).

It is said that Grand Falls, while smaller than Niagara Falls, has a higher vertical drop.
Note the covered picnic table at the upper right and people on the bottom, lower center.

Note the rainbow near the bottom center.

Took my widest wide-angle lens to get this shot.

Note the turbulence and muddy texture of the flow.

The canyon below the falls.

A local guru meditating (Sherri).


Wupatki National Monument

Varied terrain

A painted desert area

Anasazi Indian ruins

About 800 years old

A local Indian farmer

Note the finish work. What tools did they have?

No Internet and no Google. How did they survive? [Hint: They didn't!]

Ski Instructor

The may have cut flat little stones from these flat large stones.


Silhouette- I love this camera.

With more light on the subject.

Another Indian ruin but with wavy walls

Sagebrush dotted the hillside

This pit did not collect water because it is limestone.