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The Rocks, New Brunswick Pictures

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I went to see "The Rocks" at Hopewell Cape in New Brunswick because of an article in my AAA Travel Magazine. The article was titled "One-Of-A-Kind American Roads". Is New Brunswick in the US or Canada? Or did they mean North American roads? Either way, my pictures below hardly do it justice.

Copied from AAA Car & Travel, July/August 1996 - "P.R. 114/915: Bay of Fundy. These two Canadian coastal routes take you past the steep cliffs and tidal flats along the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world. The rushing waters have created sea stacks, or `flowerpot rocks' - tall columns of sandstone topped with balsam fir and dwarf black spruce."

Note: P.R. is short for Provincial Route.

Low Tide <-- The Rocks - Bay of Fundy --> High Tide.
New York City Chrysler Building

Train <-- RailRoad Museum --> Snow Plow.
New York City Chrysler Building

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