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Parrsboro, Nova Scotia Pictures

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Parrsboro, Nova Scotia is my favorite Bay of Fundy destination. Here I can best capture on film extreme of high and low tides. Further east, into the funnel, the tide change is greater but the lack of physical features make it difficult to photograph the contrast. The pier at Parrsboro is the last one heading towards Qobequid Bay (and Burncoat) where the world record 54' tide was officially measured in 1972. So I settle for the 48-foot tide at Parrsboro where several man-made and natural features depict the tides at the two extremes.

Tide Clock Ever see a clock set to tell high and low tide? There are about 25 hours between pairs of tides, not 24. This clock adjusts for that.

Taken on the road from the campground towards Parrsboro.
High and Low Tides.

Taken from the Parrsboro pier using a red post as a reference. I would stand behind the post
and take the picture with the same post in the same place in the viewfinder (approximately).
High, Mid and Low tide.

Some animated tide pictures. I finally learned how to make my own animated web pictures. I took nine tide photos, 1/2 hour apart, and combined them into one web picture that shows the tide flowing out. Each animated picture will take about 3 minutes for all 9 of the tide-frames to load. Be patient, it's neat!

"Animated Tides" web page Clicking this link automatically loads the first animated picture in the list above and presents some additional commentary.

Still photographs used to make animated images above --

  1. Timed Tides - TelephotoSee hour-by-hour changes with a narrow view. [70mm]
  2. Timed Tides - Wide AngleSee hour-by-hour changes with a wide view. [28mm]

Red Channel Marker
I see the marker but where's the water?

Green Channel Marker - Ditto.

Parrsboro Wharf with Boats
At low tide I walked along the bottom to capture boats sitting on their keels.

Parrsboro Pier at low tide.

Parrsboro Birds - My attempt at nature photography.

The indian who protects the land.

Trip log entry for Parrsboro, NS - Day One
Trip log entry for Parrsboro, NS - Day Three

Nova Scotia Map   Travel map - #10