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New England Photos


Fort Kent, Maine Pictures

Map Location 6 Photos

Did ya ever have to travel a road 'til it ends? I did. US Hwy 1 which spanned the east coast before the Interstate System was built. I-95 runs along US 1 which starts in Key West, Florida (spoken like a true Floridian) and ends in Ft. Kent, Maine to the north. It covers about 2000 miles (the sign at each end gives a different mileage figure). So the only reason I had for going to Ft. Kent at the northern tip of Maine was to get to the other end of the road - US 1.

Strangly, I approached Ft. Kent from even further north. I was following the St. Lawrence Seaway through Canada. See black route on map.

Fort Kent, Maine. Northern end of U.S. Hwy 1.
Fort Kent, Maine. Northern end of U.S. Hwy 1

Trip log entry for Fort Kent, Maine

Sunset in Maine Pictures

Sunset. Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe Sign.
Sunset Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe Sign.

Indian Sign on Passamaquoddy Bay, Maine. Remember the movie Pete's Dragon? It took place in the [non-existant] town of Passamaquoddy near Bar Harbor, Maine. I went looking for it and that's what I found.

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire Pictures

Map Location 13 Photos

Northern New Hampshire is one of those magical places that you say "If I ever get back there, I'm gonna...". Well, I did get back there and this time I rode the Cog Train, took good pictures of "The Flume" and "The Old Man of the Mountains", etc.

Mt. Washington Photos

Cog Train, Pictures from the top and
					the Mt. Washington Hotel

Pictures of The Flume, New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire Photos

  1. The Flume - Entrance: Visitor Center, covered auto bridge, rustic sign.
  2. The Flume - 4 shots of the narrow Flume passageway.
  3. The Flume - Vertical shot (camera turned 90 degrees) and special feature sign.
  4. The Flume - Covered foot bridge: I took almost a whole roll of film in this area. I picked out 4 good photos here.
  5. Me by boulder, Stage Coach: I took pictures of the boulder with and without me. I decided to remind you of what I look like, in case you forgot.
Flume Pictures

Pictures of The Cog Train up Mt. Washington

Cog Train up the mountain (Better pictures above)

Pictures of the Old Man of the Mountains

Old Man of the Mountains The park sign plus 4 shots, 2 with the Nikon 35mm and 2 with the Sony HandyCam [30x zoom]. I've labeled each picture as to camera and zoom setting. This is why I don't use those cardboard disposable cameras.

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Trip log entry for New Hampshire