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New York City Pictures, Map Location 4

I ended up in downtown New York City, Manhattan, to see my daughter, Sherri. She was there on Microsoft business (or we couldn't have afforded the hotel and parking costs). We had a good time but I didn't bring my camera.

New York City. The Chrysler Building.
New York City Chrysler Building

Trip log entry for New York City

Ottawa, Ontario Pictures, Map Location 14

Why do people go to big cities and get stuck in heavy traffic? To see Winterlude and the magnificent ice festival on the Rideau Canal. OK, OK, so I was 5 months late and it was all melted. That's still why I went.

Rideau Canal through downtown
Ottawa in Summer.
Rideau Canal through downtown
Ottawa in Winter.
Rideau Canal through downtown Ottawa in Summer Rideau Canal through downtown Ottawa in Winter

Trip log entry for Ottawa, Ontario

Newfoundland Pictures, Map Locations 11 and 12

Gambo, Newfoundland.
Nice Newfoundland town viewed from hillside above it. Panoramic
pictures taken at Joey's Lookout.
St. John's, Newfoundland.
A beautiful city on the Atlantic with
a long and colorful history.
Gambo, Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland

Trip log entry for Newfoundland - Two

Las Vegas, Nevada Pictures, Map Location 26

These photos were taken with 100 speed film from my room on the
25th floor of Bally's. The exposure was 4 seconds, a long time to
hold a camera steady without a tripod.
Modeled after the Great Pyramid
at Giza in Egypt near Cairo.
Las Vegas by night - 1 Las Vegas by night - 2 The Luxor Casino and Hotel

Trip log entry for Las Vegas, NV

26-Destination Map